Be careful while selecting your sound insulation material

There are variety of sound insulation materials which are available in the market. At best, many are good products and useful for soundproofing, and at worst some are of questionable usefulness. For example, cork sheets are available in market and can be used for panelling as cork is a good sound insulator. Glass wool or fibre glass is also often used as sound insulator from sound transfer point of view. However, if these materials are handled with bare hands, the skin will irritate and therefore one need to be very careful.

Soundproofing Insulation MaterialFibreboards or particleboards are also used for sound insulation but they have limited applications and cannot be used for applications like duct insulation. POP for sound insulation has limited utility and can only be used with textured surface or with random blunt holes. Also POP is brittle and is less strong than particle or fibre board. Coir also can be used as sound insulator but usually at the expense of aesthetics. PVC carpets are fairly good sound insulators from sound transfer point of view but, for acoustic effects they play a marginal role. Jute is another good sound insulator, both for transfer and acoustics. But its durability is suspect.

Supreme Industries too manufactures various types of sound insulation materials suitable for various applications. They are durable and economical too.

INSUsound-xlo manufactured by Supreme Industries is a good sound insulation material to tackle the noise emanating from HVAC equipment in the offices. By installing INSUsound-xlo as a sound-absorbing liner inside the air ducts, air-borne noise can be effectively reduced and the acoustics in the building can be improved. Since it is an open-cell XLPE foam, it has excellent sound absorption characteristics ideally suited in duct lining application.

INSUshield-af is a multi-purpose material which can be used for wall and floor acoustic insulation. It ensures highly efficient performance due to its engineered crosslinked insulation foam with additional air-filled chambers embedded within its closed-cell structure.

INSUmelfoam is another sound insulation product manufactured by Supreme Industries with superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance qualities. It has a combination of low weight, a Class ‘0’ non-flammable fire specification and good sound absorption properties making it ideal sound insulation material for Gymnasiums and Stadiums.

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