How to improve room acoustics

How to improve room acoustics. Improving room acoustics is becoming an essential part of home improvement as the noise pollution is reaching unbearable limits in major cities of the country. No in-depth study is required to understand the adverse effects of noise pollution – hearing impairment, inability to concentrate and sound sleep deprivation are the common ones. People staying near airports, railway stations or busy streets are worst affected. And during festive seasons, problem becomes even more widespread and unbearable.

Soundproofing a roomThough improving room acoustics is the job of an expert, you can do certain basic things which will help to reduce the noise level to an extent. For example, in case of hard floors, carpeting it may help to dampen sound. Using an underlay like PROTECcarpetmate can even better the performance in blocking the noise transfer. Further, sealing the window frames or hanging curtains can contain the transmission of sound from outside as noise usually enters through windows. The simplest way to tackle your noisy neighbour (living on the other side of the wall) is to place a big bookshelf with full of books or Almirah or wardrobe against that wall! Impact of sound can also be minimised by hanging blankets on the walls.

However, these measures may be suitable only in case of residential homes and may not be of much use in offices, commercial complexes, data centres, theatres, multiplexes and conference rooms where you need fool proof improvement in room acoustics. In such cases you may have to go for specialised acoustic insulation materials like the ones supplied by Supreme Industries. INSUsound-xlo and INSUshield-af are the most effective acoustic materials supplied by Supreme Industries.

INSUsound-xlo is an effective acoustic material which helps to reduce the air-borne noise and improve acoustics in the buildings and is used mainly for duct lining application. It’s non-fibrous and tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked structure provides excellent sound absorption properties. Further, its open-cell structure allows effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad frequency range. Also its high air flow resistance offers beneficial sound transmission loss properties.

INSUshield-af is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (FR), closed cell, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked insulation foam with additional air-filled chambers embedded within its closed-cell structure. It is a multi-purpose material which can be used for wall and floor acoustic insulation.

These materials can be effectively used to create an improved and conducive environment in the room.

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