Install sound absorbing materials to get relief from noise pollution

Sound absorbing materials are those that take in sound energy when sound waves are encountered, as opposed to reflecting the energy. Part of the absorbed sound energy is transformed into heat and will not transmit further. In other words, the sound energy which is transformed into heat is lost, thus reducing the noise level. Sound absorbing materials are used for soundproofing a structure to reduce the transmission of unwanted direct sound waves from the source to an involuntary listener.

Sound absorbing materialsSound absorbing materials are useful to control problems with noise and other unwanted sound in all types of indoor and outdoor environments. Though there are plenty of variety of sound absorbing materials available in the market, one need to be extra cautious while making the selection where exposure to water, humidity, dirt, dust, ultraviolet light, chlorinated air, and harsh chemicals are potential issues. Also the choice of sound absorbing material should be determined by the frequency distribution of noise to be absorbed and the acoustic absorption profile required.

Sound absorbing materials made of closed-cell polyethylene foam like INSUsound-xlo manufactured by Supreme Industries is known to perform in any kind of environment and is a lightweight and durable material. It absorbs multi-frequency noise, minimizes reverberation, improves acoustics, and keeps sound from escaping the enclosed area. Acoustically, the material has consistent performance regardless of humidity. Its flame retardant qualities allow the product to be used in demanding environments. It performs well when exposed to water, sunlight, UV and ozone. It is ideal for applications requiring excellent acoustic absorption where a rugged material or a material resistant to moisture is a concern.

INSUshield-af, – another product manufactured by Supreme Industries is water resistant, long lasting and has sound transmission class of 40dB. It is non-fibrous, so unlike fibreglass material, it doesn’t require bagging or a facing to

prevent fibre-fly in high air-flow environments. Its low-frequency sound absorption is ideal for HVAC systems and equipment enclosures.

These materials are widely used in offices, commercial complexes, data centres, theatres, multiplexes and conference rooms where you need fool proof soundproofing of the room.

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