INSUflex for insulation of split AC tubing

Insulation of split AC tubing is important to avoid condensation leaks into the building. Insulation of split AC tubing is essential as the refrigerant inside the tubing is at very low temperature and length of piping between and outdoor unit and indoor unit is quite long. Further, the tubing is exposed to the open atmosphere which is at very high temperature. If this is left without insulation all the cooling effect will be lost to the open atmosphere and by the time the refrigerant enters the cooling coil its temperature will already be too high and the purpose of producing the cooling effect will not be served. To avoid this, the refrigerant tubing connecting the indoor and the outdoor unit is covered with the insulation.

INSUflex for insulation of split AC tubingIf split AC tubing is not properly insulated, there can be costly building damage where condensate drips wet gypsum board walls, leading to a costly mold remediation project. Also, improper insulation of split AC tubing may increase system operating cost or in addition to a condensation worry, uninsulated high pressure refrigerant lines may result in unwanted heat transmission into some building areas.

There are many insulation material for split AC tubing is available in the market but INSUflex manufactured by Supreme Industries has a proven track record of performance and efficiency.

INSUflex (NBR tubing) is a fire retardant closed-cell flexible elastomeric pre-formed tubing thermal insulation product that is extensively used for insulation of split AC tubing. It provides a high water vapour transmission resistance factor which ensures a low stable thermal conductivity, thereby saving energy and ensuring efficiency of the system, wherever applied. Its low thermal conductivity also ensures trouble free performance.

It is light weight and flexible tubing is available in various pipe sizes and thickness combinations for diverse applications.

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