INSUmelfoam is a wonder soundproof insulation material

Now-a-days soundproofing has become a major concern for people living in crowded cities; thanks mainly due to open floor plans, lightweight construction, and a multitude of machines and high-tech home theatres. For those who wish to find peace and quietness at home, noise pollution has become a major irritant often messing up with ones sleep, infringing privacy, increasing stress and generally impacting the quality of life.

soundproof insulation materialSoundproof insulation is rarely used in conventional walls and ceilings which have membranes on the two outer surfaces of a structural framework that’s filled with air. This makes the movement of soundwaves easier as they have to just strike one surface and will get carried through the air or framework to the other surface where they’re broadcast as audible noise. In case there is a very thin wall surface or an open window or door, sound simply travels from one area to the next without the need for transference.

Fortunately for homeowner, today there are different techniques, methods and materials available for soundproofing walls and ceilings. There are soundproof curtains, soundproof paints, soundproof windows and acoustic insulation materials.

‘INSUmelfoam’ produced by Supreme Industries is an Acoustic Insulation (Melamine Foam) which is unique, flexible, non-fibrous open cell foam, processing a combination of low weight, a Class ‘0’ non-flammable fire specification and good sound absorption properties. Produced from Melamine resins – a thermo set polymer, ‘INSUmelfoam’ exhibits superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance.

‘INSUmelfoam’ has ultra low density and is lightweight. Its excellent sound absorbing properties help it to standout among all other acoustic insulation materials. Further, it is non-fibrous with three dimensional filigree network structure which ensures safety in any environment. Easy to cut and install, suitability for hot as well as cold insulation and low flammability are some of the other important features of ‘INSUmelfoam’.

Because of these features ‘INSUmelfoam’ has found favour in applications like HVAC, wall and ceiling panels for office and conference rooms and plant rooms, enclosure lining and suspended absorbers, engine rooms and accommodation areas, theatre and cinema auditoria, lecture halls and many other applications. It is an ideal company in this noisy world!

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The Thermal Insulation Division of Supreme provides top-of-the-line insulation solutions with its ‘INSU’ range of products

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