INSUmelfoam – a Melamine resin foam for sound insulation

INSUmelfoam – a Melamine resin foam for sound insulation. Melamine resin foam is a foam-like material consisting of a formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. The material has been in use for many years as a soundproofing material where its low smoke and flame properties make it suitable from a fire safety perspective. It is a safe material and it has been used for over 20 years to insulate pipes and ductwork and for soundproofing. It is also used as the main sound and thermal insulation material for bullet trains, due to its high sound absorption, excellent thermal insulation performance and light weight.

insumelfoam-a-melamine-resin-foam-for-sound-insulationINSUmelfoam is melamine resin foam plastic made from melamine resin and is a thermosetting and eco-friendly foam. Since it has open-cell structure, sound wave can go into the innermost of foam conveniently and effectively. Once there, the sound waves simply vibrate before getting consumed and absorbed. Due to this INSUmelfoam gives good sound absorption performance and can be effectively used for sound insulation. Further, it has a Class ‘O’ non-flammable fire specification meaning when it contacts with open flame, no flame is formed and the surface of melamine foam carbonizes immediately. Also in case of fire disaster human injury is minimised as it emits low density smoke.

Being a melamine resin foam which belongs to thermosetting polymer, INSUmelfoam has good heat-resistant stability and aging-resistance compared with other materials like PE, PP and PU. It is non-toxic, odourless and ensures no fibre or powder diffusion. INSUmelfoam also has chemical-resistance performance due to its stable chemical structure and cross-linking structure.

INSUmelfoam is commonly used in building industries to minimize excess noise. In fact, it has wide applications like in HVAC for duct lining, in wall and ceiling panels for office and conference rooms, enclosure linings, theatre and cinema auditorium, anechoic chambers, case lining in power generation and many more.

INSUmelfoam’s varying combination of properties that allows customers to use it as a versatile, high-quality solution in energy-efficient applications, with advantages from processing to its final use.


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