INSUreflector – ideal for poultry farm underdeck insulation

Poultry farming business has become highly competitive and its success largely depends on proper infrastructure where temperature and humidity can be easily controlled and closely monitored. It also requires insulation of farm walls, ceilings, roofs, attics and crawl can save large amount of energy consumption and it also helps birds to improve their performance due to the effects that inner temperature and air quality can easily control.

poultry farm underdeck insulationpoultry farm underdeck insulation is often neglected but is one of the most important techniques to control the temperature. Underdeck insulation ensures low consumption of energy that is spent on cooling inner atmosphere of the poultry farm. It increases the inner comfort level and decreases the adverse effect of environment. Above all it stops the radiant heat entering inside the farm shed that increases the temperature substantially.

Different types of under deck insulation materials are available in the market. Of all the methods and materials, farm insulation through reflective insulation is suggested as the best due to it’s easy to use application, long and durable life and performance by reflecting around 96% of radiant heat of the sun.

INSUreflector, produced by Supreme Industries, is a radiant heat reflective insulation material made of polyethylene air bubble film (ABF) laminated with aluminium foil on one or both sides. INSUreflector is a low e-reflective insulation material with a low mass to air ratio, which effectively blocks the radiant heat transfer. Its air bubbled polyethylene film has a quality of slow reaction against the temperature variation and also acts very slowly for transmitting thermal heat due to its closed air bubble. At the same time, aluminium foil on the other side acts as a reflective material and reflects 96% to 99% infra-red radiation received by the surface of the heated slated roof. Together aluminium and polyethylene film also act as a moisture barrier and builds odourless atmosphere inside the farm shed. INSUreflector is a superior alternative to fibrous Glass Wool insulation material.

INSUreflector conforms to BS 476 Pt. 6 & 7, ‘Class O’ & ‘Class 1’ category, respectively. Also it is chemically inert – unaffected by alkalis, alcohol, detergents, petrochemical products and most mild acids. Thus, it is an ideal material for under deck insulation of poultry farms.

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