INSUshield a perfect flooring insulation material

Smart cities are not just about using sophisticated gadgets, WiFi and highly efficient mass rapid transport systems. A city cannot be considered as smart one unless and until buildings within it are highly energy efficient and environment-friendly. And insulation plays an important role in building smart homes as insulating the home is the single most effective thing one can do to ensure optimum energy utilisation.

In case of commercial and industrial structures floor insulation is considered essential in Server Rooms, Data Centres, Medical & Diagnostic Centres and Control Rooms for Petrochemicals and Thermal Power Stations.

INSUshield for flooring insulation material‘INSUshield’ manufactured by Supreme Industries is a non-fibrous, fire retardant, closed-cell, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam and scores over all other flooring insulation materials available in the market due to its certain features. Unlike mass/fibrous insulation which absorbs heat and later releases the same into the premises, INSUshield with aluminium foil on both sides acts as an excellent radiant and effective vapour barrier and effectively stabilising indoor temperature.

Since it is closed-cell there will be negligible water/moisture absorption. It is certified ‘Class O’ in Fire Propagation and ‘Class 1’ in Surface Spread of Flame as per BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7, respectively. Thus, ‘INSUshield’ is an ideal environment friendly insulation material, with a perfect solution for all your insulation needs for ducts, roofs, pipes, vessels, etc.

Remember, ‘INSUshield’ not only insulates your home but also insulates your purse through savings in energy bills and also insulates future by being environment-friendly.

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The Thermal Insulation Division of Supreme provides top-of-the-line insulation solutions with its ‘INSU’ range of products

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