Engineered crosslinked polyethylene foam with improved thermal insulation properties

INSUshield-af is a range of engineered crosslinked insulation foam with additional air-filled chambers embedded within its closed-cell structure. These air gaps create more resistance to heat transfer reducing the energy flow. Thus, it increases the insulation efficiency and reduces the energy consumption offering you greater savings and quick ROI.

INSUshield-af retains all the beneficial features of INSUshield. It further enhances the thermal conductivity value of standard INSUshield by over 30%. This helps in optimizing / reducing insulation thickness, offering a distinct cost advantage over standard INSUshield.


  • Very low yet stable thermal conductivity offers better insulation performance with improved energy saving
  • Lightweight – ease of handling and application
  • Tri-dimensional, closed-cell structure makes INSUshield-af a mechanically stronger foam with good vapour barrier properties
  • Flexible – easy to paste on the surface of the duct
  • Offers good sound insulation properties



  • HVAC and A/c humidification duct insulation
  • Underdeck insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Fan coil insulation
  • Acoustic flooring
  • Chiller tank insulation
  • AHU insulation and many more…


Ideal for use in:

  • HVAC&R industry
  • Pharmaceuticals and textile mills
  • PEBs, industrial, factory and poultry sheds
  • Food processing industry
  • Data centers, server rooms, standard rooms etc.
  • Computerized control rooms for petrochemicals, power plants, steel plants, manufacturing units, networking stations and many more…