INSUtapes are very effective adhesive coated joint sealing tapes

  • November 14, 2016
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INSUtapes are very effective adhesive coated joint sealing tapes. Adhesive coated joint sealing tapes play an important role in enhancing the effectiveness of insulation and waterproofing as they prevent the passage of moisture and water through joints and cracks. For this purpose, adhesive coated joint sealing tapes should be tear resistant and have good and strong adhesive.

INSUtapes - Soundproofing MaterialAdhesive coated joint sealing tapes selected for the job should have the strength to withstand pressure and variation in climate. The quality of the tape is also to a great extent dependent upon the quality of adhesive used. Acrylic based adhesives are always preferred because of their high tack and high shear strength. Also acrylic adhesive functions normally at high or low temperatures. It has high-bonding strength on various surfaces. For example, INSUtapes manufactured by Supreme Industries is often recommended for insulation joint sealing because of its strong and aggressive adhesiveness.

Available in various widths, INSUtapes are fire-retardant, non-fiberous, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked PE foam tapes – plain / laminated with aluminium foil on one side and other side coated with special acrylic adhesive. INSUtapes, available in different thickness, is a single coated tape that can be used for a wide variety of difficult sealing applications. The backing on this tape is very tough yet flexible and abrasion resistant. It’s very soft and thick acrylic adhesive has excellent sealing properties and good outdoor durability.

It is protected from UV radiation by an aluminium foil which makes it possible to use the tape outdoors. The self-adhesive surface provides for perfect quality adhesion to many different surfaces: metal, slate, wood, plastic, plaster, concrete, glass, etc. It provides strong adhesion at joints even on angular surfaces. Further, it is supplied with stiff release paper for ease of removal, thus saving application time. The application technique of INSUtapes is extremely simple and does not require sophisticated tools or skilled manpower.

Apart from sealing the longitudinal, transverse joints and corners in ducts, under roofs, pipes, floor and wall insulation, INSUtapes are also widely used for joint sealing on the PEB roof tops where conventional sealants barely provide a long term sealing solution.

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