INSUtapes – an effective insulation joint sealing tape

INSUtapes – an effective insulation joint sealing tape. Insulation joint sealing tapes play an important role in improving the effectiveness of insulation, both thermal and acoustic. Joint sealing tapes are used to seal the seams of a variety of membranes and buildings products, duct seams and to seal leaks around penetrations through air barriers. In fact, energy efficiency of any thermal insulation, to an extent, depends upon the quality of the insulation joint sealing tapes used. High quality joint sealing tapes produces a weather resistant seal for air tightness, thermal insulation and noise control.

INSUtapes - insulation joint sealing tapeThe most important factor in any insulation joint sealing tape is the good and strong adhesive. Sometimes materials like polyethylene can be tough to seal, especially because some manufacturers coat their polyethylene with a slippery, powdery substance that resists adhesives. So, one need to consider the adhesiveness of the tape and its suitability for use on a variety of materials should be carefully studied.

The strong and aggressive adhesiveness is one of the reasons why INSUtapes manufactured by Supreme Industries is often recommended for insulation joint sealing. Its acrylic adhesive functions normally at high or low temperatures. It has high-bonding strength on various surfaces. No solvent, water, or heat is needed to activate its adhesive. It is known to produce weather resistant seal thermal insulation and noise control.

INSUtapes are high-performance, special adhesive coated, FR crosslinked polyethylene foam tapes with various facings used for insulation joint sealing. Available in various widths, INSUtapes are fire-retardant, non-fiberous, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked PE foam tapes – plain / laminated with aluminium foil on one side and other side coated with special acrylic adhesive. It is very easy to apply and can be quickly installed. It provides strong adhesion at joints even on angular surfaces. Further, it is supplied with stiff release paper for ease of removal, thus saving application time.

It is widely used for sealing the longitudinal joints, transverse joints and corners in ducts, under roofs, pipes, floors and wall insulation and overlap area of roofing sheet joints in PEB structures.

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