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Rapid urbanisation and growing number of vehicular population has given rise to noise pollution in cities which in turn has given increased opportunities to sound insulation manufacturers in the country. Also open floor plans, lightweight construction, and a multitude of machines and high-tech home theatres have added to the woes of urban mass. Further, HVAC equipment for a building is one of the major sources of interior noise, and this noise comes from the main fans, flow of air through the system, and flow through diffusers. Growing need for sound insulation has encouraged sound insulation manufacturers to introduce newer technologies and better products in the country. As the awareness about noise pollution among the urban mass is increasing, need for soundproofing has become a major concern for people living in crowded cities.

Sound insulation manufacturers in IndiaSupreme Industries is one of the leading sound insulation manufacturers in India and it manufactures variety of sound insulation materials which ensure soundproof environment. Be it an office or home or mall or a theatre – Supreme Industries has a solution to make the environment noiseless!

INSUsound-xlo is ideal for sound insulation application in HVAC ducts. This non-fibrous, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked fire-retardant foam provides excellent sound absorption characteristics ideally suited in duct lining application. It is an engineered open-cell XLPE foam specially designed for applications that require enhanced sound absorption properties. Due to its open-cell structure, INSUsound-xlo allows effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad frequency range. Unlike conventional products, INSUsound-xlo does not disintegrate or particulate, thus making it suitable material for ‘clean rooms’ applications.

Another product, INSUmelfoam produced by Supreme Industries, an acoustic Insulation (Melamine Foam), has excellent sound absorbing properties helping it to stand out among all other acoustic insulation materials. INSUmelfoam, unique, flexible, non-fibrous open cell foam, processing a combination of low weight, is a Class ‘0’ non-flammable fire specification and good sound absorption properties. Produced from Melamine resins – a thermo set polymer, INSUmelfoam exhibits superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance.Further, it is non-fibrous with three dimensional filigree network structure which ensures safety in any environment.

These are the unique products produced by Supreme Industries to improve your environment in a noisy world!

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