Quality of duct insulation material holds the key in its efficiency

Whether global warming is happening or not is still debatable but demand for air conditioners in the country is on the upswing and so is the demand for duct insulation material. Increase in the demand for duct insulation material is also partly due to the increased awareness among the people about benefits accruing from the HVAC duct insulation. Apart from providing healthy indoor climate to the occupants, it is now widely accepted that proper HVAC duct insulation also reduces the heat loss or heat gain into or out of the duct system which translates into energy savings and consequently savings on utility bills. Also duct insulation provides a sort of sound insulation too by reducing the breakout noise from the equipment.

Duct insulation material

There are different types of duct insulation material available and which material should be used to insulate the duct depends on the function of the duct and its location inside or outside the building. However, it is advisable always to go for insulation material with closed-cell structure as it ensures high built-in resistance to both water vapour transmission and absorption of moisture from the ambient air as in the case of INSUshield manufactured by Supreme Industries. Unlike in the case of open-cell structure, INSUshield can be kept dust-free and clean also. Further it is a flexible insulation material which can be used well even on complexly-shaped installations and under difficult conditions on the building site.

INSUshield is also a safe insulation material as it is certified ‘Class O’ in Fire Propagation and ‘Class 1’ in Surface Spread of Flame as per BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7, respectively. Further, it can be installed quickly and easily and meets aesthetic demands due to its attractive finish. Its tri-dimensional crosslinked cell structure ensures that thickness, thermal and other properties of the insulation are maintained in the long term.

Due to these qualities, INSUshield has been regarded as an ideal duct insulation material for commercial and industrial buildings, shopping centres and production facilities and also single- and multi-family homes.

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