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Multi-purpose insulation materials. An ideal home is one which remains warm in winter, cool in summer and remain protected from unwanted noise and multi-purpose insulation materials do exactly the same to help you to lead peaceful life. Multi-purpose insulation material is used wherever heat reflection or sound deadening is needed. It is used to insulate against heat, cold and noise. Multi-purpose insulation materials while effecting a substantial saving in your energy bill also help you to lead stress-free life at home. An ideal insulation material should provide thermal insulation along with superior acoustics and fire resistance.

Multi-Purpose  Acoustic Insulation MaterialsMulti-purpose insulation materials are not only high performance, but are low-cost, providing a range of benefits and sustainability. These are made of variety of materials like natural fibre, wool or polymer and there are many manufacturers who provide such solutions and Supreme Industries is one of the manufacturers who has been in this business since long and is known for its quality multi-purpose insulation products like INSUshield and INSUsound-xlo.

INSUshield is an environment friendly one-stop solution for a cooler and quieter place. It is an excellent alternative to traditional, non-sustainable insulations. It is a multi-purpose insulation material as it provides both sound and thermal insulation and is widely used for AC duct insulation, under deck insulation and acoustic flooring. It is a non-fibrous, fire retardant, closed-cell, tri-dimensional chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam which effectively reduces noise transmission and seals gaps around air conditioning wall and window units. INSUshield is ‘Class O’ in fire propagation and ‘Class 1’ in surface spread of flame, thus ensuring enough protection in case of fire break out.

INSUsound-xlo, a high performance engineered open-cell XLPE foam, provides excellent thermal and acoustical performance. Because of its ease of installation and reliable performance, INSUsound-xlo finds maximum usage in offices where HVAC equipment is the biggest noise generator. It is an environment friendly product as it is free from CFC and HCFC. It does not particulate and hence provides long lasting, non-deteriorating and consistent performance throughout its life span. INSUsound-xlo is inert to most chemicals is ideally suited for duct lining application.

These multi-purpose insulation products provide easy and cost-effective way to provide thermal and noise insulation and save energy.

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